02 July 2011

Long Week

I was wrong to say that I wouldn't have a week like the draining one I had at the end of May. Most of June has been one "last week of the month" after another, and here we are at the start of July, making good on our jokes that we would be typing poolside and giving everyone murderous looks during the company outing.

Well, more like sitting up in the hotel bed, so that I can see the sea just beyond our balcony. I did get an hour or two's swimming yesterday in that much-vaunted infinity pool, at least. And I think we still had fun--more fun than if the current subjects of our ire had been along on the trip, at least.

I think I will be right this time, though, to say that these draining days will end soon, or at least take a new shape for me. We hired someone to take over much of the grunt work, but there's also other stuff happening within a month or so that will change things.

I guess I can't say a lot until there's been some kind of official announcement. It just feels like there have been too many of them to process within the past two months, and a little strange that I'm taking things better than I thought I would (or I just think so; not a bad thing to think, though).

What else? Thursday, I sent off this birthday card I made for the greatest person I ever interviewed. Call me inspired, awed, honored, starstruck--take your pick, I guess. With all the neat stuff he's bound to have received, though, I don't expect him to see, much less like my little token (especially considering how sloppy some of the cuts were), but I was happy just to see it leave my hands and enter a courier's. I hope the man had a great day.

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