11 March 2013

Letter No. 16

It's time to go.

I've loved every minute I've spent in my apartment. I've loved making my simple meals, working on my crafts, admiring the trees outside my window, watching the elderly take their walks in the park below, falling asleep to the dull roar of the city, and waking up to the birds. I've loved having a south-facing window, a livable building temperature despite not owning an aircon, and quiet but genial neighbors. I've loved having a landlord, building management, and lobby guards who all minded their own business but also took great care of the building. I've loved feeling safe, independent, and, well, at home.

Unfortunately, as the end of my lease nears, I have to start looking for somewhere else to live. My plans are becoming more concrete, and they include saving more money than my current rent allows. Living this dream is just too expensive, at least in this neighborhood.

I'm not too sad about it; it's a little step on the way to bigger things. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to exploring a new part of the city and finding a new place to live.

In other news, a little dream came true for my brother last week, as the Barcelona grad school he'd been eyeing e-mailed to declare his acceptance. He'll need a scholarship to actually go, but just knowing that they'd like to have him makes us pretty proud.


  1. "My plans are becoming more concrete . . . " This is so inspiring, Kat, seeing you decide where to live. And it's not as easy as it looks—not at all.

    Also, congrats to your brother. Imagine visiting him there! In Barcelona!

    1. I'm just deciding where to live, not where to settle yet. :) As for visiting Mikko in Barcelona, it's quite a longshot, hahaha.