26 April 2011

Priorities 3

Remember that post about how my brother and I seem to have different priorities? I decided this morning that I would start looking for a new place to live, even if I might be there for only a few months. But the catch is that I can't afford a better neighborhood* unless I can split the rent with someone. Since moving in with Martin will probably get me disowned, the closest other option for me is to get a place with my brother when he returns to Manila for his new job, whatever it is.

So, I texted my parents to ask them how his job hunt was coming along, just to give myself an idea of how long I had until / how long I had to wait until his return to find a place.

Dad: I think not serious yet as he still enjoying vacation.
Mom: Its underway daw while he playstations on the couch wahaha!

I guess I'm happy that he's having some fun before buckling down, but it also means having to deal with the leery neighbors a lot longer. Oh, well.

*When my folks were in town, they went with me to Cubao so that I could drop off some stuff before our activities for the day. As we were driving back toward EDSA on the grimy, piss-stained side of Aurora, my teenage brother said, "This place looks ghetto." It kind of is. Once you turn past this part of Aurora and the girly bars and into the streets named after American colleges, however, you actually find yourself in a relatively quiet, if sooty, residential area.

Unfortunately for me, a hardware store, repair shop, employment agency, and some truckers set themselves up on the same street as my boarding house, so I have to go by a lot of leery guys whenever I go to and from work. I wish I could be the kind of girl who didn't give a rat's ass about whistling and catcalls, or else got off on them, but they're the biggest reason I want to move.

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