20 October 2010

with Kat A. as the Non-Action Snarker

While transcribing my last interview*, I started to think of a new way to get through the workday. Since I bond with my coworkers over pop culture anyway, it made sense to start to think of 0800-1800 as scenes from a sitcom, filmed in real-time and yet to be edited. And the good part is, the show's not about me.

No, I'm in a show about my cool and single colleague(s) joining the working world, coming out of their shell, navigating life after college, and so on. Like Ugly Betty but with more drudgery. My boss gets to be, well, the boss. Her second-in-command gets to be the older, wiser one we underlings look up to. Our account managers and their supplement proposals are now plot devices. (Blame TV Tropes.)

I get to be the one who sits quietly in a corner until the right moment to make a witty** comment. Deadpan if I can manage. Other than this, I'm not of any interest to the audience because it's not a show about me.

If I leave the office before my officemate does, the camera stays with her (they're all girls), and my bit part in today's episode is done. If she leaves first, the camera goes with her, to document her post-work adventures (e.g. dinner in which Mom asks her why she doesn't have grandchildren, corporate event in which she may possibly meet a handsome stranger, blind date, or just horrible commute resulting in existential crisis).

All this just to make it easier to shelve office worries until my next scene, really. (Why are you texting me? I'm not in the script.)

* investment banker. My favorite subject, to be honest.
** Ha! I wish.

By the way, I went to Angono last week and took these pictures. Just in case I haven't turned you off with my delusions yet.

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