29 October 2010


I had a ticket to fly home this morning for the Halloween / All Souls' weekend but didn't use it. I decided to stay in Manila for Martin's operation and the first few days afterward.

It took me forever to decide because on the one hand, I missed my family and wanted to go home, and on the other, I wasn't sure if I'd enjoy trick-or-treating and snorkelling, knowing that Martin would then deal with the days post-surgery by himself.

Oddly, I knew I'd stay in the end even if I hadn't actually chosen to yet. Does that make any sense? I had a feeling that when the day came, this was where I would be, so I figured that maybe it was where I should be.

While I can't claim to know or share everything Martin goes through, in a way, I've been waiting for this, too. The fracture in January threw a wrench in Martin's plans. Now he can get back on track. And when his life gets better, my life gets better, because I'm happier, being happy for him.

After work, I'll be heading to his hospital room with pizza. Then we can start celebrating.

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