22 January 2013

thing-a-week 3: Nail Grave

In late December or early January, I saw some photos of this nail grave in Taiyuan, Shanxi, China. All the people in this cemetery had been relocated except one, and the building developers went on with construction around it. I couldn't get the image out of my head. Talk about the world leaving you behind, right?

The remains were eventually relocated, but I like to imagine how things might have been if they hadn't.

Anyway, this week's thing is a simple kirigami building inspired by the nail grave. I took two photos because I couldn't decide on a background.

Bonus: Here's a blast from my (crafting) past. In 2006, our Intro to Psych teacher asked us to make autobiographies. I made mine a scrapbox (but still wrote the required paper and put it inside).

On the weekend, I had to dig a dress out of storage, and I found the box again. Grama's kasambahay offered to do the repacking for me, but when she was done, I noticed that she'd left the box on the floor. I had the feeling she was going to throw it away, so I decided to take it home. (Sadly, I had to cut and flatten it first.) No matter how crude it is, somehow, I still feel proud of this project.

I think I still have copies of all these photos, except the birthday one above. That's from when I turned 17; I remember because that was my favorite T-shirt in freshman year.

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