13 January 2013

thing-a-week 2: Postcard and photo wallhanging

I've collected a bunch of neat postcards and old photos, and I wanted to put them up on my wall somehow.

Featured here are:
  • four big black-and-white postcards from Beijing
  • one colored postcard depicting rickshaw drivers, also from Beijing
  • photos of India and Tokyo by Isagani Campo
  • a mysterious photo of the Luneta Grandstand
  • tiger and palm postcards from the Raffles Hotel in Singapore, plus the brown envelope
  • a postcard depicting the German moped, the NSU Quickly
The bar is part of a defective shower curtain rod that I covered in paper and then painted with blue poster paint.

I'm not entirely happy with how the whole thing turned out, though. I like the sleeves, but I'd like some alternative to the rod and the string.

Till next week, then.

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