13 March 2012

The Zombie Magic Word

It's probably because I signed up for Outbreak Manila and probably because I've been reading the "Hunger Games" series, but last night, I dreamt that there was a war against zombies. I was part of a team with weapons and robots, and we were doing pretty well when one of the team members (I later found out that we were a couple) got captured while in his robot.

The zombies, rather than eating him right away, threw him into a cell. Maybe they mistook him for one of their own; his robot had shape-changing capabilities, so he could pass for a zombie. They even started including him in their training sessions. I don't know why, with such a fancy robot, he didn't just escape, but maybe they would have suspected him and attacked, and he wouldn't have been able to fend them all off.

The zombies had a shape-changing power, too. At will, they could change into the people they used to be, but they'd still be zombies inside. It was a clever disguise.

To pass this part of training, our hero simply changed into himself. During one session, however, he wasn't able to change back into a zombie quickly enough, and the others began to have their suspicions. He knew that he had to escape within a day.

That night, the guy had a dream (inside my dream, yes). In the dream, we were both being chased by zombies, and we jumped onto a small boat in a river with a green glass bed. It floated over the park where the zombies were based, and one of the zombie lieutenants was talking to a little boy who looked like a younger version of our hero. The lieutenant was in his normal person form, one of those tall, blond, well-built guys who make great soldiers. He told the little boy that if he just said the magic word, which sounded like, "Sgoobitysgoobitysgoo," the zombies would turn into friendly people and leave you alone. But, the zombie captain was immune to the magic word.

So, the dreaming guy, who was apparently my boyfriend, said that when he woke, he would try to escape using the magic word. I was going to be there to help him in case anything went wrong, particularly with the captain.

He came out of his cell for a military training session as usual, but he had been right about the zombies' suspicions; they began closing in on him as soon as they saw him. The zombie lieutenant reached into the robot's mouth to get our hero, and at once, the hero yelled, "Sgoobitysgoobitysgoo!"

All of the zombies turned into harmless people. The captain turned into a beautiful woman, sort of a cross between Camille Sullivan and Tina Majorino. But she still wanted to kill us, so we began chasing each other across the park and the outdoor mall and trying to kill each other with whatever weapons we could get our hands on. Somehow, she got into a helicopter just as I ran up to a second story, but it was out of ammo, so she just chased me down some rooftops and tarp lean-tos on foot.

I got to the ground where my boyfriend was waiting, and we started running, but the zombie captain cut us off. She slowly advanced on me and started giving a villain's monologue about how weak and stupid we were, to try and stop her and the horde. I grabbed the nearest sharp objects, which were a mechanical pencil and a fork, and kept stabbing her in the chest while she talked and I said the magic word again. She seemed to falter once, and I knew the magic word would have some effect after all, but for some reason, I didn't say it again.

I needed help, though; where was my boyfriend? This was the part in the movie where the hero would have barrelled in to give his girl a hand. But, he was sitting in his robot just to one side, watching me try to make the most of my mechanical pencil. Judging by the expression on his face, he didn't really care.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the blond zombie lieutenant approaching with some pink pills in his hand. Somehow, I knew that they would make the captain immune to the effects of the magic word, so I asked the lieutenant why he was doing this. I think I shouted, "You're supposed to be good now!"

To keep him from reaching the captain, I jumped on him, but that meant I was exposed to the captain, who fell on me.

I woke up with my arms and fists still locked, as if I was still clutching the fork and pencil and bracing myself.

The boyfriend was nobody I know in real life, but I know what kind of guy to avoid now, hahaha.