30 March 2012


I have some time to kill before the traffic will (probably) be light enough for me to get home quickly, so I'm going to make a boring, generic life-so-far update.

I want to move out of Cubao by June and will finally start looking at apartments this Saturday. I usually search first on sulit.com.ph, but all of the listings there for the area I want are out of my price range. Also, the last time I went with a listing on sulit, I moved to a (still not very nice) neighborhood that apparently had decent apartments on every street except the one I moved to, and none of those were advertised on sulit.

My brother's decided to stay where he is for the time being, so I'm pretty free to consider areas other than Makati for now. I'm going to check out the first of two other areas this Saturday, then maybe get another haircut.

I finished Basic Chinese 2 last Saturday and plan to take Basic 4 next cycle. I'm not going to give my reasons for skipping Basic 3, in case someone at the school gets mad at me. :s

I've been hanging out with some new-ish friends — people I met back in college but haven't really hung out with till this year started. I wish I'd known them better back then, because they're really fun. We are planning to travel out of the country together later this year.

Here are photos and two craft posts (1, 2), in case you missed them.

Whaaat else? I'm going home for the Easter holidays to check out the new house and arrange my things. Our family's usually busy with church stuff during Easter, but I might finally get to check out this river they've been playing in.

I guess that's all until I think of something more creative to upload. Have a good weekend, guys.