04 January 2012

To-Do in 2012

This is an expanded version of the list I made last month. I thought I'd have just 12 or 13 items on my list, but I kept thinking of things to do as I went along.

I'm looking forward to striking at least half of these by next December.

1. Sign up for the next cycle of Mandarin classes.
I still don't know what I'm going to use this for, but something tells me I should keep going.

2. Re-read the Bible two or three times.
I used a New International Version the first time I read the whole Bible. This year, I'm going with the King James Version.

I think it's time I reexamined some of the things I decided to stop believing, and who knows? Maybe the text that inspired authors and religious scholars for centuries might show me what's really missing in my own faith.

How am I going to read the whole book two or three times in just one year? I'm going to read the Tagalog and, if I can find it, Cebuano translations and read them at the same time, like in "The Other Side of Heaven." It sounds like an ambitious if not really ridiculous project, but it should still be interesting.

3. Move out of Cubao within the next six months.
I'm currently eyeing the Kamuning-Tomas-Morato-Timog-Scouts area because they're within biking distance of my office, and I really want to use my bike more.

But, I'm also considering Makati; I'm already there every weekend, and it would be nice to bike to all my now-usual stops (church, restaurants, grocery, etc.) there. There's also the chance my brother might change his mind and decide to move out of our grandmother's house, and anywhere other than Makati would be too inconvenient for him.

It will be a challenge to find an affordable studio in both these areas, though; they're kind of expensive.

4. Finish at least two economics reference books.
That includes the book I bought last year but never finished. It's at the office now, making me feel guilty whenever I open my desk drawer.

The second book would probably be a standard college textbook; maybe my brother Mikko can lend me something.

5. Use my induction cooker.
I won one at the company raffle last month, and I haven't been able to use it because the communal kitchen doesn't have any electrical outlets. :| It's just one more reason to get a new place, really.

6. Travel out of the country at least once.
Mikko and his girlfriend Camille are going to Bangkok this summer, and my pushing-90 grandmother wants to fly somewhere, too, so I'll probably get this done before my next birthday.

If not, I think I can plan going to Hong Kong or Singapore by myself.

7. Email my parents more often.
I used to do this once or twice a week. Now it's only when I remember, every couple of months. :s

8. Get rid of old/unneeded belongings.
Anyone know what to do with handbags that aren't in great condition, but still seem too useable to throw away?

Also, why do people keep giving me bags?

9. Get my college stuff out of storage and sort that, too.

10. Invest.
I have some money in a mutual fund; I think I might give my bank's asset management thingy a try. Savings take forever to grow, and I'm thinking of getting a computer to play games with. :p

11. Read at least 50 books.
This includes the Bible(s) and the economics books but also:
—just to start with.

12. Make more complicated popup buildings.

13. Visit Luneta on a Sunday morning
—and maybe do Intramuros at night.

15. Use my Ayala Museum membership at least once a month.
Thanks, Mikko.

16. See Picasso's "Suite Vollard."
The last day is this Saturday already. I have to get a move on.

17. Visit Manila Ocean Park.

18. See my childhood friends more often.
The ones who're here in Manila, anyway.

19. Hang out with Internet friends IRL sometime.
The list currently includes @dearpilar, @pitradactyl, @presidents, @bottledbrain, my own cousin manangdidang, and—who knows given #6?—@zoelionesque.

(Guys, you're welcome to join me for any of the items on this list.)

20. Spend a weekend in Baguio.

21. Spend a weekend in Corregidor.

22. Find out if that thing they keep saying about my great-grandfather is true.
My great-grandfather Crispin Nones was something of a self-made Da Vinci; he didn't get any higher education, but he was a class A mechanic, tailor, wood-carver, artist, and metal-worker. My grandmother claims he was the man who made the giant eagle on the Blue Eagle Gym. My dad asked me to verify this when I was an incoming Ateneo freshman, but nearly eight years later, I've yet to come close.

23. Be a better editor.

24. Redesign certain company websites for fun with MAMP and a local Wordpress installation.
I say "for fun" because even if I do show anyone these designs, it's unlikely they'll bite. :s Anyway, I miss web work and could use the practice as well as something to do on slow days at the office.

25. Watch at least two Filipino plays.

26. Finish at least one abandoned story/essay and submit it somewhere.

27. Get a pet.
I already know what to name any future turtles or hedgehogs.

28. Be open to whatever's around the corner.
I thought about making this item the cheesier, "Fall in love [again]," but who can really say who or what is coming? So instead, I'm only promising to to jump when it's time to jump, grin and bear the crap, and just be happy as much as possible.

Here's to a great 2012 for everyone. Thanks for reading. :)