18 August 2011

Missing: Klaris Chua

Klaris was a relatively new employee, so I didn't know much about her, apart from the following:

  • She was a good writer and a pretty decent photographer.
  • She was polite to everyone in the room.
  • She often stayed late in the office to keep working.
  • She was quiet but could do a mean Up Dharma Down cover.

There are many other things I might have liked to know about her, but at the moment, I—and I guess we at the office—know just one other thing: Klaris has been missing since 07 August 2011.

Most of the details of Klaris's disappearance have been handily summarized by ABS-CBN here.

Since then, her parents have been along to the office to collect her things. We still don't know where she is or if any misfortune befell her (sana naman wala), but I hope she comes home soon.

If you've seen Klaris and have verifiable information about her whereabouts, let me know, and we'll relay it to her folks.

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