15 April 2011

Investment Banking is Good for the Soul

My soul, anyway.

I'm sitting in a cafe on Paseo de Roxas, abusing the electrical outlets in between interviews. Both my sources are part of (one of?) the country's largest organization(s) of fund managers. I still understand just the tip of whatever iceberg they're floating on, but listening to them makes me happy. Why?

They believe in the country. They believe that what they do can make it better. They believe that it will get better.

And I believe them. Sure, there's a lot under the surface that I don't know, stuff that I need to keep learning to understand why the country is where it is now, and I don't doubt that some of them might have dirtied their hands at one point or another--but if every manager believes what they do, and works on what they claim, then I wouldn't be asking myself if I should leave. I'd want to be here, just to see if they can pull it off, and maybe along the way, I'd find my own place in the pursuit of progress.

I think this is the thing I like most about my job. I get exposed to all these things that are going on, things I probably wouldn't have seen if I'd stayed a webmistress or gone into glossies, and I feel like a better person for it. Pity that it's only a small part of the other stuff I have to do.

Working weekend for me. Hope you have a good one.

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